Your Orthodontic Health & Safety in Austin, TX

March 2021 Update:

One year ago, our lives began to change as COVID-19 entered the United States and began affecting all parts of our daily life.

Since that time our team at Austin Orthodontics have worked hard and learned how to practice safely in this COVID environment.  We are so GRATEFUL for your trust and encouragement as we have continued to operate safely and continue to make Austin smile.

With the recent Executive Order by Gov Abbott (GA-34), we wanted to review with you the laws which regulate dental practices in Texas and help you understand how this new order DOES NOT change our current COVID related safety procedures and office policies.

On March 13, 2020, Gov. Abbott announced an emergency declaration in Texas.  In response, after the mandated shutdown, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners adopted an ‘emergency rule’ which amended the dental practice act, and gave directives on how to practice safely during the COVID pandemic.

Last week, in response to the recent executive order, the TSDBE affirmed this emergency rule and stated that the new executive order DOES NOT change those directives.

Accordingly, we will be keeping all safety processes and procedures that you’ve become accustomed to over the last 10 months INTACT and UNCHANGED.

  • Face Coverings/Masks:  All guests in the practice will continue to be required to wear a face covering.
    • Reasoning:  Patients who are in the dental chair, receiving treatment, are unable to wear a mask (even if they would prefer to wear one) – – they are inherently vulnerable and therefore we are requiring that everyone (patients, companions, and employees) wears a face covering in the office.
    • Section 4 of GA-34 gives business owners the ability to require “additional hygiene measures, including the wearing of a face covering” – – this will continue to be an Austin Orthodontics policy.
  • Parking Lot Waiting Room:  We will maintain our parking lot waiting room system
  • Minimize Numbers in the Office:  We will attempt to keep additional guests in the office to a minimum as much as possible; parents are welcome to come in or may continue to stay in the parking lot.
  • Health Screening:  We will continue to ask that all guests complete a COVID health screening, including temperature screen before entering the treatment area.
  • Hand Washing and Patient Flow:  We will continue to wash hands before undergoing treatment and will continue to enter in the front and exit through the back of the office.
  • Aerosol Mitigation:  Dedicated Debond Days (braces removal) to eliminate aerosols during ‘normal adjustment’ days.

We will continue to keep you updated on our office policies and procedures. Thank you for your trust and support as we navigate through these changes. Stay safe, stay well!


Dr. Briggs and the Austin Orthodontics Team

At Austin Orthodontics, your happy, healthy smile is our top priority! As we’re all adjusting to a new normal, we’ve been working on ways to help you achieve your best smile with an enhanced focus on your safety and health. When we see you in our office, we want you to know that we’ve taken multiple steps to ensure your well-being and comfort.

When you come in for your next appointment, you will notice the following new procedures (click image to expand).

Watch This Video About Our New Waiting Area Process

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